Angry Robot turn 2!

Yesterday my publisher Angry Robot celebrated their second birthday by announcing two awesome things: a merchandise store, and a subscription service for their ebooks. The merchandise store looks pretty rad, not least because I’m actually in the market for a sweatshirt and tee. The subscription service is a fascinating idea – soon after Angry Robot arrived, it became clear to me that they were one of the few publishers that were absolutely guaranteed to provide a good read. I thought that some kind of standing order system, whereby you’d just take everything they published regardless, seemed like a good idea. And now, for ebooks at least, you can do just that. At just £69 a year (more than a third off), with further discounts for backlist titles, it’s a very good deal indeed.

My publisher… see, that still feels pretty gosh-darned cool when I say it. I was a fan of Angry Robot, and now I’m one of their authors. I’m proud to be part of their family of amazing authors, and at the next con you might just see me in an Angry Robot shirt.

Happy birthday!