Andromeda One – Birmingham Custard Factory, Saturday September 21st

Andromeda One, a new one-day genre lit convention, is being held this Saturday, 21st September, at the Custard Factory, Birmingham. The guests of honour are Paul Cornell and Jaine Fenn, and I’m pleased to be one of the programme participants (who also include Adam Nevill, Gaie Sebold, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gav Thorpe, Ian Whates, and many others).

There’s no online programme, but my schedule for the day looks like this:

11:30am – 12:30pm, The Theatre
Crossing genre boundaries: Is Cthulhu SF or horror? What happens when you mix SF and fantasy, romance and SF, etc
with Misa Buckley, Iain McKinnon, Simon Marshall-Jones, Janet Edwards, Adam Nevill, Adrian Tchaikovsky
I’m actually moderating this rather large panel. Should be fun!

3.30 – 4:30pm, The Theatre
Does my rocket look big in this? Technology and prediction in SF
with Janet Edwards, Ian Whates, Lynn Cochrane, Chris Amies, Dave Corby, Stan Nicholls

4:30 – 5.30pm, The Theatre
Are comics the new mainstream?
with Paul Cornell and another panellist to be confirmed

Andromeda One runs from 11am until 10pm, and as well as two stream of panels, features workshops, kaffeeklastches, and a book launch. Tickets are £25, and you can find out more here.

Hope to see you on Saturday!