Agent advice: Stacia Decker tells it like it is

Three days down. Ten to go. Still alive and still drinking tea.

Today’s little snippet is some agent advice from Stacia Decker. Stacia is actually my own agent, and represents a fine stable of crime, mystery and now SF writers at the Donald Maass Literary Agency. Collectively we’re known as Team Decker, and we even have a Facebook page and our own t-shirts.

I’ve just discovered this audio interview of her talking to Dan O’Shea, another Team Decker member, from November 2009. While it is about 18 months old, listening back to it now Stacia imparts a lot of relevant advice about how to get an agent, what an agent actually does, and what the publishing business is like. Although at the time she was talking from the perspective of an agent specialising in crime and mystery, it applies to all genres. She also gives her perspective on social media, including Twitter, which is now so important for writers at all stages of their careers.

Go have a listen over at Dan O’Shea’s website.

Agent secrets – Stacia Decker in conversation with Dan O’Shea.