A whole bunch of stuff about THE AGE ATOMIC and SEVEN WONDERS and EMPIRE STATE

Okay… just five days to go and I’m off on holiday for a few weeks (France, back to the UK, then Ireland), and there’s lots of stuff to update, so let’s dive straight in.

Work rattles onwards on The Age Atomic, the sequel to Empire State. Due to the aforementioned holiday, the last fortnight has been a bit of a dash to get as much done as possible. Currently I’m at around 90,000 words, with a first draft target of 150,000. This is certainly the longest book I’ve written, and the most complex in terms of subplots and cast of characters too. I generally aim for 100,000 words in a novel, but sometimes you just need to go with it and let the work do its own thing. And while The Age Atomic‘s first draft is going to be long, I tend to overwrite, and I’m sure it’ll be pared down in draft two. But so far, it’s a lot of fun.

Seven Wonders, my superhero novel, is out in less than a couple of months, and has popped up in a couple of “Waiting on Wednesday” posts (wherein bloggers highlight a book they are looking forward to) at Beauty in Ruins and Starmetal Oak Reviews. Also, a reminder that the book is up at Goodreads, so make sure you add it to your shelves as in mid-July I’ll be running a Goodreads competition, so keep an eye out for that.

And don’t forget the book will be launched – in glorious limited edition hardcover – at Forbidden Planet London on Thursday, 6th September, 6pm. You can pre-order the hardcover now, and there will be a Facebook event page setup shortly, but there’s a lot going on at Forbidden Planet (including book launches for the wonderful Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan and The City’s Son by Tom Pollock – I’ve been lucky enough to read both books early, and it is well worth your time picking them up on release, and getting along to the Forbidden Planet launches if you can), so we’re going to hold off until closer to the date. But you don’t need to RSVP or pre-order to attend, just set yourself a reminder to come along and there will be hardcovers on sale (as well as the regular paperback). However, the hardcover is limited to 100 copies, so pre-ordering is recommended to ensure you can get one.

Some more reviews of Empire State are filtering in and this… this is wonderful. A video review, apparently for a school project, complete with a re-enactment of key scenes. This video contains some minor spoilers, but had me grinning from ear to ear.

Two other new reviews have also appeared recently. Dean Fetzer says that Empire State

…has a polished feel and tells a great story. The interactions between the characters as well as the two New Yorks has been crafted with great care and it shows. In terms of storytelling, this is some of the best I’ve read for a long time and it’s got a great deal to recommend…

And over at SF Crowsnest, Vinca Russell says:

Incorporating classic detective fiction, a little steampunk, super-heroes and parallel worlds, this could easily have become over-complicated, but the different elements blended together well and the strong plot tied it all together neatly. With enough twists and turns to keep you engaged throughout this was an entertaining novel and a highly promising debut from Adam Christopher.

There’s some new content up at EmpireState.cc too, in the form of a hilarious short audio drama, The Adventures of Johnny Ironclad.

Johnny Ironclad is in the style of a 1940s radio serial, complete with Wurlitzer organ, and is… well, it’s awesome. Go listen!

And while we’re on the subject of audio, the winner of the Facebook Empire State audiobook competition was Joe McCourt, who should receive his 10-CD audiobook any day now. My Facebook author page is here, and I’ll be running some more exclusive competitions and things there in future, so make sure you give the page a like.

And finally, to be filed under “Any Other Business”, or possibly “Stalking, The Internet and”, I was told last week that I have a biography and bibliography on this Russian SF site, which is cool and bizarre at the same time, but at least I now know how my name looks in Cyrillic. Google’s English translation is a little funky, but the compilers of that page have done a pretty thorough job.

There is also now a Wikipedia page for me, which is short but sweet, and seems accurate. I don’t know if it was made by the Russian fans as well, but anyone who isn’t me is welcome to expand that entry!

Back to work!