“A smart, entertaining, energetic take on the superhero genre.”

As the UK bakes under the sun which has finally arrived (and hey, I’m not complaining!), I’m off to Cornwall for the weekend to wander around historic places and enjoy the weather.

In the meantime, some more blurbs for Seven Wonders:

“Adam Christopher grabbed everyone’s attention with his debut novel Empire State, and his follow up Seven Wonders will surely please all of his readers who have been waiting breathlessly for more. A smart, entertaining, energetic take on the superhero genre.”

— Victor Gischler, writer of X-Men and Deadpool

Seven Wonders is the exploded view on superheroes. Set pieces are described in colourful visuals like enhanced comic frames and the heroes’ physical vulnerability is deftly shown in a way only novels can. Adam Christopher forges superhero glamour with the gritty proceduralism of police noir.”

S.L. Grey, author of The Mall and The Ward

“An exhilarating, rocket-heeled ride. Adam Christopher grabs the super hero story crashes through the comic book frame and carries it straight into your mind’s eye. These pages are filled with gleaming spandex, sinister motives and explosive action. Seven Wonders is wry, sly and ready to fly.”

Tom Pollock, author of The City’s Son

Seven Wonders is out from Angry Robot in September, worldwide. You can find pre-order links right here.

Speaking of pre-orders, I’m putting the final touches on a little Seven Wonders competition that should be fun. More details on Monday!

Have a good weekend!