“A love letter to Weird America” – NPR reviews HANG WIRE

I figured this deserves a post all of its own, so here goes.


This weekend, NPR gave Hang Wire a stellar review, in which they said:

Hang Wire is flush with the sort of geek-centric weirdness and galloping, whiz-bang pace that Christopher had previously only begun to master. In spite of so many moving parts, the result is a tightly wound, dynamic piece of genre-bending machinery. If that’s a metaphor for Christopher’s awestruck vision of melting-pot America, all’s the better.

NPR – National Public Radio – is, as the name suggests, the US’s public radio network. It’s home to many of my favourite radio shows and podcasts, including the essential This American Life, and it’s website is my go-to page for news and analysis.

And NPR liked my book. For a little while on Saturday and Sunday, I was even on the front page of npr.org.

All-in-all, that was a pretty good weekend.

The NPR review joins the starred review from Booklist, and the excellent review in SFX Magazine. And there’s more to come!