A little R&R

So much for daily updates during NaNoWriMo.

This weekend I’m off to the UK’s best comic con, Thought Bubble, held every November in Leeds. Some of my favourite writers and artists will be there, the hotel we’re staying in is right next to the convention centre, and it’s a great chance to take two days off and relax and recuperate and collect sketches and generally have Good Times.

Because November has hammered me a little, I must say.

It started off well. Harper Voyager – the science fiction/fantasy imprint of major publisher Harper Collins – named me “Tweeter of the Month”, which meant not only did I get a wee blurb in their monthly e-newsletter, I got a swag of books from them including some George R. R. Martin and Rad Bradbury.

And then my good friend Mark Nelson (zardoz67) won the Stephen King hidden text competition – and was even interviewed by The Guardian – and, amazingly, I came in second. The prize is a limited, numbered, advance reading copy of King’s new novel Under the Dome, and although that hasn’t arrived yet, they sent me a regular store hardcover in the meantime. I must say I’m completely chuffed to be one of the two runners up, considering more than 5,000 people entered. My hidden text entry is here.

Rad Bradbury: Empire State is also going well – I’m not writing every day, which is a problem, but the book is currently at 30,207 and on track for completion. The reason for not writing every day, and indeed not updating this blog, is because suddenly the day gig went mental. And not in a good way either, which means it has been a significant drain on not only time but energy, which for a writer who needs to write out of office hours, is really bloody annoying.

However, here’s the plan. Two days off enjoying Thought Bubble, plus I have Monday off for some writing catch-up. Then just two weeks of the day gig and I’m on holiday for a month, and then after that (fingers-crossed) I’ll be my own boss.

Roll on 2010. See you Monday!