A few new EMPIRE STATE reviews

I love productive weekends. I did some work. I hit my required word counts on the secret novel. We went to the movies (John Carter – I’ll reserve my comments, other than to say it wasn’t my cup of tea). We went to an antiques fair at a big country house (and now I want a giant grandfather clock for the hallway). I ate some chocolate (a rare treat). I read the 6-issue DC New 52 Huntress mini-series. I watched Double Date, my favourite episode of Justice League Unlimited. I started reading Department 19 by Will Hill.

All-in-all, not bad.

Meanwhile, some new reviews of Empire State have cropped up.

  • Graham Edwards says: “If ever there was a novel screaming, ‘Adapt me!’, Adam Christopher’s Empire State is surely it… As a debut novel, it’s sassy and confident, and positively oozing creative juices”
  • Teresa Derwin says: “This energetic foray into SF is Christopher’s debut novel, and if this is any indication of the way his mind works, I think future readers are in for a fun time.”
  • Philip Norris says: “As a first novel this is a fresh if twisted look at a classic era that is sure to please any fan of the weird and fantastic.”
  • The Italian blog Minuetto Express says, via the gift of Google Translate and a little editing from me: “But the book has everything you need! Of fights, laser beams, cyborgs, warships vs. airships, mysterious women, explosions, gangsters … If you do not like these things then you are a bad person.”
Times like this I wish I could understand Italian. I’m not sure where the laser beams are in Empire State, but I can promise plenty of them in Seven Wonders