“A damn cool book” – the first review of HANG WIRE is in!

Hang Wire, my god punk weird/dark urban fantasy, isn’t out until the end of January next year, but the first review popped up today.


Over at Just A Guy That Likes To Read, Josh says:

There’s only so much praise you can heap on a book, and I’m going to lay it on thick here. Hang Wire is a damn cool book. It’s the perfect example of deep and well thought-out characterisation, diversification, multi-dimensional plotting, and clever (and at times poetic) writing. Each chapter could easily read as a self-contained short story yet it’s the intrinsically well linked and overlapping plot that binds these gems into a greater beast that dares the reader to tame it – be warned, you can’t… and you’ll love Adam Christopher for it.

You can read the full review here. My thanks to Josh for getting the ball rolling!

Hang Wire is available to pre-order at the usual places. Remember to keep your pre-order receipt, as you’re going to need it for the Epic Pre-Order Contest, details of which are coming next month.