8th March, 2011: One of those weeks

I told you I was going to be busy. This is one of those weeks where these blog posts are going to be kinda short.

The draft sample chapters of The Suicide Tree, once compiled and exported from Scrivener, come to 36 pages in MS Word. Although I’m planning on getting them edited by the end of this week, I only managed three of those pages yesterday. I’ll be attempting more today, when I get the chance, but this week the day gig has to take priority as I’ve got a number of urgent projects on.

Well, what’s one week?

But I can at least start my edit tally: 3 pages down, 30 pages and 6 days to go (assuming a finish of next Monday).

  • Hey Adam, I just wanted to ask you about The Suicide Tree. Just curious, as I’ve been catching your daily posts, what it is you are going to do with those ‘sample’ chapters? Do you send them into an agent, or are they your submits to publishing houses? Every time I read that, it makes me wonder in what fashion you get yourself published – or want too, should that be the case.

    Sincerely, mate.


  • Heya,

    The Suicide Tree was an invited submission to a publisher, which came as a result of an earlier unsuccessful proposal. That one was also invited, because over the last few years I’ve become friends with the editors and we can discuss things like that now. It pays to make contacts!

    I’ve got some other stuff on the boil – another short story coming up, and some bits and bobs. I’ll blog about those when I can.