7th March, 2011: Focus

This week is going to be hellabusy, so I’m going to be brief.

Yesterday I didn’t hit 2k on The Suicide Tree, but I did finish the first draft. Hoorah! This comprises chapters 1-4 of the novel, and together with the synopsis will be sent off just as soon as the chapters get a good edit and redraft. Hopefully that’ll be the end of this week.

Project: The Suicide Tree (post-apocalyptic horror in storm-battered Louisiana)
Words today: 1,833
Words total: 10,946 (sample chapters only, no specific word limit)
Total words for 2011: 76,922

As I realised last month when I was editing Ludmila, My Love, it is foolish for me to try and do more than two things at once. I’m sure many writers are capable of true multitasking, but for me I find single-project focus works the best. The sample chapters of The Suicide Tree need to be perfect, and perfect means focus. Until those chapters are ready, The Suicide Tree is the only project I have.