7th April, 2011: Cover junkie

I love book covers. I am a cover junkie.

The cover is a key part of the book’s marketing. There are three things that might make you pick a book up off a shelf in the store – the author’s name, the cover, and the jacket copy. Ignoring the author’s name (which depends on whether you have heard of them or not, or whether you like their work or not – this only applies to established authors with some kind of track record and/or following, obviously), it’s likely to be the cover that will grab you first, enticing you to pick it up, turn it over, and read the back copy. It is the cover that sets the expectation. While it is perfectly true that you should never judge a book by its cover, this is exactly what we do when confronted with a new, unknown title. A bad cover can sink a book. A good cover can make it fly off the shelves.

So it was with some delight that I saw yesterday the cover for fellow Angry Robot debut author Jo Anderton’s Debris, due to drop in October this year.

All I can say is: wow.

But this also makes me both excited and nervous about my own cover for Empire State – I have no idea when to expect it, and while we have thrown a few ideas around, it’s entirely in Angry Robot’s hands.

But those hands are safe ones. Just look at that cover above. Wow, again. You can read more about it over at Angry Robot, and you can find Jo’s website here and her Twitter feed here.

Yesterday was a good writing day, 2k on Hang Wire and I’ve started expanding my notes on Night Pictures. Night Pictures is at the stage where I need to let my subconscious hammer away at it, behind the scenes. However, there is plenty of time for that – once Hang Wire is finished I need to revise Ludmila, My Love based on beta-reader comments and then start the final edit of Seven Wonders. Add to that a trip to New Zealand for most of May, and I probably won’t get started on Night Pictures until June.

Project: Hang Wire (serial killers and superheroes in San Francisco)
Words yesterday: 2,016
Words total: 76,796/100,000 (76%)
Total words for 2011: 106,777

  • That’s an awesome cover – but then I don’t think I’ve seen a bad one from Angry Robot yet. Like you I’m still at the discussion stage, though I’m already excited by what I’ve heard…

  • That is definitely a cover that’ll get me to read the book.