73 days to a novel: The final stretch

Back from a pleasant London interlude, during which I saw the sights, heard the sounds of The Cure (recipients of the NME God-like Genius Award this year), bumped into Hugh Grant at an oyster bar, and did absolutely no writing whatsoever.

But that’s ok! Seriously, don’t panic. I’ve got 51,095 words to go in 31 days. By my maths (and hopefully the maths of everyone else), that’s 1648 words a day. No problem (famous last words)!.

Actually I’ve been back a day and half, but I’ve spent my writing time making the final changes to The Devil in Chains eBook for the iPod touch/iPhone. It looks grand, and I think we’re ready to roll.

Monday means a new week, so we’re back to two writing sessions per day. Also, depending on Apple’s review process, the eBook might be launched, which also means its release as a PDF for download, and as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle from Amazon.com.
Good times!

  • That’s only a little bit more than NaNoWriMo. You can do it. ^^ *cheers*