73 days to a novel: Action! Plot progress! Irony! eBooks!

Oh the irony. The day I stop worrying about wordcount, the day I finally go over what was my old daily target. Lesson learnt and full steam ahead to March 31st.

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that not only has Prince Albert made his one and only appearance in the novel (although in a sequence which may need extensive revision when I’m done, as looking back at the synopsis for this chapter it seems I left an important element out… then again, this actually might be worth a chapter of its own, which would give government man Macmillan Brown another fifteen minutes of fame… hmm, I like it!), but Bellamy, Clarke and Zoe have finally made it off that damned airship and have arrived at the chaos of the abandoned – or should that be empty? – army camp. Now it’s time to get some good old plot progression down before they wander off again.

Meanwhile, the days are counting down to the launch of The Devil in Chains eBook. Unfortunately I can’t do an actual countdown, as tremendously exciting as it would be, as once the iPhone/iPod touch application is submitted to Apple, they actually review and approve it. While this should only take a few days, there is no way of knowing when the eBook will actually appear on the iTunes applications store for sale, short of checking it every day. But hey, maybe we can have a PDF and Kindle countdown. Sounds good!  So once we’re all set and the iPhone thing is submitted, the party can begin.

In the meantime, I’ll see you tomorrow when I’ll introduce you to Legends, the exceedingly nifty eBook application for the iPhone/iPod touch. Good times!