6th January, 2011

Today was a good day for writing, even though it was Thursday (Thursdays don’t usually work out) and I ate a gigantic, and unpleasant, pizza for lunch. The box promised a lot but, let’s face it, you get what you pay for. And for £1.25, that’s not much. Moving on…

I worked on two different projects today. Firstly I wrapped up the first draft of the second half (bear with me here) of my sample of codename: Oh Mummy!, clocking that one in at a total of 6,744 words. Tomorrow it’ll get an edit and that word count may go up or down, but it’s feeling pretty good and will be off to my beta-readers for a kicking before getting another edit over the weekend.

Work on that came in at 1,488 words, which left 512 to spare for today’s word count. I spent this on Hang Wire, my superhero crime novel, which I haven’t looked at for a few days. Reading back over the last chapter, I noticed I’d made the teeny-tiny, insignificant, microscopic mistake of changing from first person to third person. Hey, easy to do, right? Erm, perhaps not… anyway, it’s first person, so I completed the chapter in first and will go back and fix the rather alarming error later.

Project: codename Oh Mummy! (zombie horror novel, sample chapters)
Words today: 1,488
Words total: 6,744 (no particular target)

Project: Hang Wire (superhero crime novel)
Words today: 714
Words total: 22,841/100,000 (22.84%)

Total words today: 2,202
Total words for 2011: 11,667 (just 323 short of target!)

Given that splitting my writing today between two completely separate novels, and that my trade paperback of Seven Wonders hasn’t arrived from Lulu yet, I wasn’t too worried about any editing today. Kate sent in her next chapter of The Gospel of the Godless Stars (chapter 5 out of an anticipated 40), which I reviewed and suggested a few changes to, so I guess that counts. Tomorrow’s plan includes editing Oh Mummy!, although if Royal Mail are on schedule I should be able to get stuck into Seven Wonders as well.

Reading? Don’t ask. Again. Seriously, I’m not listening. I’m heading towards the end of The Long Walk (which is starting to feel a little long) but comics will have to wait until tomorrow.

Books: some pages of The Long Walk by Stephen King (as Richard Bachman)
Comics: Pardon? Sorry, I didn’t catch that.