6th April, 2011: Stats and EasterCon update

Earlier today I posted my review of Firestarter, so this is just the obligatory stats post, although featuring a bonus EasterCon. Woot.

Seems the EasterCon schedule has undergone a major rejig, and of the three panels I was scheduled for, two have been cancelled. This just leaves me with Comics for Beginniners, which is on Sunday at 10am in the Earls room. It’s a shame the Social Networks panel has been cancelled – I think this would have been one of the highlights of the convention, given the growing importance of social media for writers, even since this time last year. Among other panellists, it would have been a great opportunity for me and Angry Robot editor, Lee Harris, to discuss how exactly I got a book deal via Twitter – for those who had got in touch saying how they were looking forward to hearing more about this, sorry! But please do come and find me in the bar.

Yesterday was a 2k day on Hang Wire and I also finished up a synopsis for Dark Heart, my steampunk novel, and sent that and a couple of sample chapters off to my agent. The rest of this week is going to be devoted just to Hang Wire, although if I get any downtime I’ll be making notes on the next book, Night Pictures. I’m itching to write this, and even have the first line in my head – but I shall resist starting anything until the first draft of Hang Wire is complete. I had planned to start the final run on Ludmila, My Love this week, but several of my beta-readers have asked for deadline extensions, so I’m now hoping to get that polished off by the end of April

Project: Hang Wire (serial killers and superheroes in San Francisco)
Words yesterday: 2,151
Words total: 74,780/100,000 (74%)
Total words for 2011: 104,761