52 blogs of 2015 | #8 | ELEMENTARY giveaway and The Baker Street Babes podcast

Elementary news!

Last week I talked to the wonderful Baker Street Babes podcast about The Ghost Line. The interview was loads of fun, and you can hear it here.


The Baker Street Babes are also giving away two copies of the book, one via Twitter and one via their website. You can find full details of the contest here. Entries close on March 12th!

Also, two neat review of the book have popped up. Starburst magazine gave it a whopping 9/10, and said:

For our money, the real selling point of this book is how superbly the author has captured the voices of the characters. All of the regulars sound exactly like they do in the series, but in particular Sherlock’s voice has been nailed so well it’s practically buried in the ground.

This is where the novel really shines; like all the best tie-in fiction it’s like we’re watching an episode of the TV show. If for whatever reason Christopher decides that writing novels is no longer for him, we’re sure that he’d be able to get himself a job on the Elementary writing staff. But screenwriting’s gain would very much be the reader’s loss.

For a tie-in novel, there is no higher praise. I’m over the moon with that kind of response.

Over at The Fictional Hangout, the book was awarded 8.5/10, and they say:

It’s fun, boasting the familiar levels of humour that comes with the show, and incredibly entertaining with some great characterisations of Sherlock and Watson that feel right at home with the TV series. In fact, it’s written so well that this book actually feels like it could be an episode of the TV series.

Hey, CBS, I’m just waiting for your call…

Meanwhile, you can order Elementary: The Ghost Line from your favourite bookseller, or these handy links!

Elementary: The Ghost Line at Amazon.com
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Amazon.co.uk
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Barnes & Noble
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Indiebound (for your local US bookstore)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Waterstones
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Hive (for your local UK bookstore)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at iBooks US
Elementary: The Ghost Line at iBooks UK
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Forbidden Planet