52 blogs of 2015 | #2 | And that secret novel is…

Y’know, the thing about publishing is that it’s complicated and colossal and things take a long time, which means that you often have to sit on news for aeons because you have to wait for a whole heap of stuff to happen. This is business as usual. And I’m sure this drives every author crazy–me included!

Which makes me very pleased and very relieved and very very excited to be able to, finally, after months (seriously, this is the longest I’ve ever sat on book news ever), talk about that secret project I’ve been working on. I’ve talked about it online, calling it the secret novel, not because I love teasing you with vague details, but because I’m really pretty gosh-darned tickled pink to be involved with this and I’ve been utterly beside myself with anticipation.

So. Here it is!


A summons to a body found riddled with bullets in a Hell’s Kitchen apartment marks the start of a new case for consulting detectives Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson. The victim is a subway train driver with a hidden stash of money and a strange Colombian connection, but why would someone kill him and leave a fortune behind?

The search for the truth will lead the sleuths deep into the hidden underground tunnels beneath New York City, where answers—and more bodies—may well await them…

I’m writing the official Elementary tie-in novels! The first one, The Ghost Line, is out in early 2015 – February 24th in the US, February 27th in the UK.

In fact, you can pre-order the book with these handy links!

Elementary: The Ghost Line at Amazon.com
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Amazon.co.uk
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Barnes & Noble
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Indiebound (for your local US bookstore)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Waterstones
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Hive (for your local UK bookstore)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at iBooks (US)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Forbidden Planet

I love Elementary. Love it. And I love Sherlock Holmes. More importantly, I love Elementary‘s take on Holmes – it’s one of my favourite shows, and writing these books is a dream and the most fun ever. And never in a million years did I ever think I’d have a book cover with Lucy Liu on it.

I mean, seriously. Lucy Liu? Getouttatown.

And if you want a little taster of this new Elementary adventure, head over to Criminal Element right now for an exclusive excerpt!

  • David Barnett

    Very well done, Adam. Great news! 2015’s shaping up to be a fab year for you.

  • Thanks!

  • wow nice! i want to read this!

  • Loveslabourslost

    Do more advertising for Elementary! The show and the actors very much deserve it and yet for some odd reason, neither the brilliant acting of Jonny Lee Miller, nor the great writing is ever included in any of the award ceremonies. BBC Sherlock, which is a very straight forward show, full of cliches and quite boring wins all the awards. I suppose, because Elementary is far less mainstream in its outlook and less gimickey.

  • joe1987a

    Only learned of this book a couple weeks ago and just bought my copy today. Looking forward to reading it, and also very excited to learn it’s the only the first in a series. I love “Elementary,” so can’t wait to read the upcoming books. 🙂

  • Hope you enjoy it!