4th April, 2011: Genre for Japan – the results

Well, what a week – hitting refresh on Genre for Japan lots became something of a habit! Unfortunately my budget ran out and I didn’t win anything, but the total money pledged is an incredible £11,203. Which is just amazing.

Bidding on a creating a superhero in my forthcoming novel, Seven Wonders, topped out at £111, which is far more than I ever hoped to achieve. Well done to the lucky bidder, Christo Taylor-Davies!

There were some terrific lots available, and if I had an unlimited budget I would have bid for a truckload of them.

So congratulations and thanks to the organisers – Amanda RutterLouise MorganJenni HillRo Smith, Alasdair Stuart and Robert Mulligan. Splendid chaps, all of them. These guys deserve some kind of reward themselves for services to genre fiction.

Well done!

Writing wise, it was a good weekend despite the fact it was so busy – we had a million and one chores to get done, mostly in prep for our New Zealand trip next month, but I still cracked the 70,000 word mark on Hang Wire and 100,000 words on writing for 2011. Or maybe it was because we were so busy? I must admit, when I have a whole day free to devote to writing, my attention can wander around a bit. Having to fit it in around an already tight schedule may be beneficial. Hmm. Something for me to work on – because if I have a day of writing planned, that in itself should create a tight schedule.

Project: Hang Wire (serial killers and superheroes in San Francisco)
Words yesterday: 2,067
Words total: 70,599/100,000 (70%)
Total words for 2011: 100,580

  • For me, it was financial responsibility that kept me from bidding, cause had I been a well-paid individual I’d have seriously gone crazy one some of those lots. It’s so lovely to see that they hit the £10,000 barrier with the donation of so many people’s creativity, time, money and effort.

    Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to donate something too. Well done on hitting over £100.