31st January, 2011

Coming up at the end of this week is the SFX Weekender, a two-day SF convention being held at Camber Sands Holiday Park on the south coast. I managed to win four tickets, so myself, the Mrs, writerly friend Jen (@sennydreadful) and her partner Marty (@boxroom) will be heading down to enjoy the company of George Takei, Sir Terry Pratchett, Keely Hawes, and a number of other guests. There is also going to be a sizeable book/writing contingent (not quite sure how to describe it!) so while this isn’t a literary SF convention I’m sure we’ll be mostly talking about writing and books and the like. I’m also going to be manning the Angry Robot Books sales table in the dealer’s room for a spell on both Friday and Saturday, so swing by and say hello. And then buy lots of books.

We’ve never been to a British holiday camp (although I have watched plenty of Hi-de-hi), and while the online reviews of the accomodation terrify me, I’m sure it’ll be a hoot. I’m expecting the worst (facilities-wise) and we’re coming prepared, and it’s only two nights anyway. I’m going to try to keep up with the blogging and writing/editing while I’m away (thanks to the ultra-portability of my Macbook Air). But… we’ll see how it goes.

No words yesterday. I’m sensing a pattern here, but editing has to come first at the moment as the deadline for The Wasp in the Lotus is fast approaching. Yesterday I did do a spot of beta-reading for one of my favourite authors, and there is more of that today, which is pretty gosh-darned cool.

Project: <none selected>
Words today: 0
Total words for 2011: 45,701

Good progress on Wasp. If I can get the second draft done today, I’ll be pleased. The plan, such as it is, is to have the novella ready to send off to my beta-readers before we leave for the SFX Weekender on Thursday.

Firestarter by Stephen King showed up in the post yesterday, and I made a start on it although I only read a couple of pages as I need to review The Dead Zone first as part of the 2011 Stephen King Challenge. Once that’s done (a job for today), then I can dive right in.

Books: A page or two of Firestarter by Stephen King.
Comics: On hold until February. Wait, February is today! Okay… time to dig out my comics hat and get reading.