28th April, 2011: Creative Consequences

No, this isn’t about the state of my office this week as I split my time between the day job and getting a bucketload of writing/editing down before departing for New Zealand. Creative Consequences was a writing game played by myself, Ro Smith, Lou Morgan and Anne Lyle on Saturday night at EasterCon. It’s pretty easy – write one line of a story, fold the paper over so the next person can only see the previous line (or the first line), and pass it on.

With eight completed masterworks, we vowed (however unwisely) to post them online. Anne has put one up already, so here are the two I have. To protect the innocent, I shall not identify who wrote which line.

The man in the black hat took a drag on the cigarette, pulled back the

covers to examine the body; it wasn’t pretty.

But then again, it never had been.

So they decided to give it another try, and with a mighty effort, off it went.

As the countdown raced towards zero, they both saw the

massive mice were leaping into the breach to help.

The sharks turned and – as one – they fled.

Fortunately the padre had worn his snorkel and flippers, but the others were not so lucky.

“Never fear”, the sergeant barked, twirling his moustache.

“I have a cunning plan.” Sadly, the plan involved far too much periperi sauce, and didn’t end well.

Hmm. Not bad. It starts as a hardboiled detective story and then turns into military SF with added cooking. Okay…

And the second:

The glass shattered, and Camila’s necklace slid from her neck to the floor.

Her head followed a second later, hitting the marble tiles with a sickening thump.

Blood trickled into her eyes as she stood, turned, and took the scimitar from its scabbard. “Now you die!”

“Holy shit!” screamed Paul. “I didn’t mean it!”

But it was already too late, and the prince was running barefoot through the snow.

“After him!” his uncle bellowed. “A hundred sovereigns to the guard who brings me his head.”

The soldiers marched out of the throne room, determined to rid the land of his terrible evil.

But in their heart of hearts, each knew he was truly afraid of the wizard.

His magnificent shoes couldn’t disguise the fact that he had terribly large feet.

It was only then that they realised that Uncle Frederick had run away to the circus for a reason.

Huh. An epic fantasy, Camila apparently able to survive decapitation. Must be something to do with the wizard. This one makes a surprising amount of sense, actually.

I look forward to the next round at Olympus 2012!

  • Rhube13

    Shh – I was trying to obfuscate the fact that I had two!

    These two are pretty awesome, though 😀

  • Ah yes, the Story That Shall Not Be Spoken Of Again. Afterall, I don’t want the FBI hacking my Twitter account…

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