27th February, 2011: The lost weekend

Let’s call this day two of a two-day break. I meant to do something constructive today, honest, but what with scones with clotted cream and jam for breakfast and the Dragon Age 2 demo to finish on the PS3, and Fight Club to read and John Lennon documentaries on TV (which were great until I realised I’m now older than Lennon was in 1971 when he was recording Imagine), well… I deserved a break.

But I have made a list. I like lists. Lists are good. This coming week I need to:

  • Write 2,000 words a day
  • Tweak the synopsis for The Suicide Tree
  • Work up sample chapters for The Suicide Tree
  • Have a story conference with co-author Kate about the next few chapters of Godless
  • Continue work on Hang Wire
  • Work on plots for a couple of ideas on my corkboard that are burning a hole in my brain
  • Develop a proper synopsis for Ludmila, My Love
  • Catch up on overdue blog posts for Escape Pod.

The first item is now the priority seeing as my editing is out of the way. Those 2,000 words a day will include the chapters of The Suicide Tree and whatever I get done on Hang Wire, but I wouldn’t count the plotting and synopsising in that. It also makes sense to do the synopsis for Ludmila, My Love this week as the whole book is still fresh in my mind. If the beta-readers suggest any major changes, it’ll be easy enough to amend the synopsis. It’ll be great to have a submission-ready manuscript soon for this book, but that can’t be sent anywhere without a two-page synopsis.

Godless hasn’t moved since I sent my last (long) chapter off to Kate a couple of weeks ago, but I might have digressed from the outline a little, hence the need for a Skype call about it. Writing a book with two authors in different parts of the world is pretty cool, but the length of time the project takes means that both of us tend to forget what is going on when it comes to writing our bits. But I think it’ll be a pretty cool book when it’s done.

The couple of ideas on my corkboard that are demanding attention are the ideas vying for their place as the next book written after Hang Wire is done, which in theory should only be a month or so away. Which means I need to figure out which idea is the most exciting and which has the most potential. I’ve got a feeling I know which it is, so for the moment I’ll give it the codename Night Pictures. The index card on my corkboard is actually without a title anyway, so that will suffice as a WIP title. I’m not sure it works as a proper title, but it is pleasant on the eye for some reason.

Which means I can now relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I feel absurdly lazy and guilty about being lazy and guilty about not doing anything writing related. Seems I might hooked on this business.