26th February, 2011: Ludmila goes beta!

So I finished the final edit of Ludmila, My Love a whole  three days ahead of schedule. I surprised myself actually, as I was sure the last act (out of four) would require a little more re-working than it ultimately did. But that’s good. So now, they’re all out in the wild, and all I can do it sit and wait until the end of March.

Although I didn’t do any writing writing this last week, the final draft of Ludmila is actually much longer than the previous version. That one clocked in at 94,481 words, and the final draft is 104,366. Which means I’ve actually added 9,885 words to it. It may even be more, as there were deletions as well as additions, so it would be safe to say I wrote 10,000 words this week at least. This brings my total words for the year up to 65,976, which is still behind schedule, but 10k is 10k so I’ll take that.

Today is therefore a day off! No editing, and no writing until tomorrow. Which, I have to say, feels a bit weird. Like… what do people do when they aren’t writing/editing? Hmm. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. In the meantime, reading-wise, I’ve put a hold on Firestarter after about 150 pages. It just isn’t gripping me at all, and it’s the first Stephen King book since The Shining which I haven’t really enjoyed. However, I can read it in chunks and treat it as a multi-volume story. To fill the gap I’ve started Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. The film adaptation is one of my favourite films, and I’m pleased to see how close it is to the book. It’s a real breath of fresh air after struggling through the first section of Firestarter.