21st March, 2011: Lovecraft is for lovers

No, not a blog post about tentacle sex or eldritch erotica (although having just typed that, I’ve automatically evoked rule 34… such are the perils of living in the future, I guess). But over at EscapePod, I’m about to embark on a big old re-read of the works of HP Lovecraft – the whole shebang: the good, the bad, the very bad, the short and the long(ish). Go check it out, and grab your copy of the first story to be covered, The Alchemist.

Yesterday’s writing wasn’t too shabby, although I didn’t hit 3k like I had hoped. This is in no way related to Fringe season two arriving on Blu-ray. Uh-uh.

Project: Hang Wire (serial killers and superheroes in San Francisco)
Words today: 2,021
Words total: 49,402/100,000 (49%)
Total words for 2011: 81,355

The halfway point in the book is within sight, and I’ve also crossed the 80k mark on words for the year. Not as much as I would have hoped by nearly the end of the third month (really, I should have been at 158,000 words), but worrying about that kind of thing is just a waste of time. There is plenty of year left! Having said that, I really want to get this book done and out of the way. I have a lot of upcoming projects which are pretty exciting. My goal is still to finish by Thursday 21st April so I can have EasterCon off writing, so that means I need to write 50,598 words in 31 days. Which works out at 1,632 words a day, or almost right on the Nanowrimo target. Sweet.

Speaking of EasterCon, it looks like I’m on three panels this year: one about comics for beginners, one about military SF in Doctor Who, and one about social networking for writers. These are provisional but I’ll post full details when I have them.

This coming Friday we’re heading down to London for the weekend. On Saturday I’ll be at Forbidden Planet in London to grab a copy of the limited hardcover of Embedded by fellow Angry Roboteer Dan Abnett (see what I did there?). Fingers-crossed the weather holds!