21st April, 2011: Cool things

Two cool things happened this week.

Yesterday I joined the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of AmericaSWFA – a sort of association/union of professional writers. It might sound a bit odd, but SWFA is an organisation I’ve dreamed of joining, because to join you need to have a qualifying sale. And guess what, I qualify now. I still need to expand my profile a bit, but you can find it under the member directory link.


Secondly, I was lucky enough to be asked by author John Hornor Jacobs to read and blurb his debut novel, Southern Gods, which is due from Night Shade books in August this year. I’d been looking forward to reading this Lovecraftian horror ever since I read the description – you can read that, and my endorsement, over at John’s blog. I believe the endorsement will also be printed in the book. It was a real privilege to be asked to blurb it, and the book really is brilliant – as I hinted at earlier this week!

Also cool!

Tomorrow I’m off to EasterCon. I’ll be taking Seven Wonders with me to edit (well, I have to try, right?) – the edit is going well, and I’m finding it quiet enjoyable. There is a satisfaction in improving a work, knowing that you are slowly but steadily improving it.

So, 43 pages down, 375 and 41 days to go.

  • Thank you, Adam, again for the read, the blurb, and your acquaintance. Have fun in New Zealand.