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Award eligibility for 2013

It’s getting to that time when various awards start to call for suggestions and nominations – these include the Hugo, British Science Fiction Association, British Fantasy Society, Sir Julius Vogel, Nebula and World Fantasy awards, and others. As a couple have opened already, I thought it a good time to post this aide-memoire on my work from 2012 that is eligible.

Now… some people get twitchy when an author posts stuff like this, but personally I’m grateful when they do – when it comes time to nominate something, I spend far too long just trying to remember what the heck I read in the last year, and in the past there have been plenty of books I would have nominated had they not slipped my mind completely. That is annoying.

So, onwards. Here’s a list of my 2012 work that is eligible for awards in 2013. It’s not a long list!


Empire State – published 5th January 2012 (worldwide) by Angry Robot (paperback; science fiction/fantasy)

Seven Wonders – published 6th September 2012 (worldwide) by Angry Robot (paperback; science fiction/fantasy)

Note: Empire State was my debut novel and first professional sale, which makes me eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer 2013 and 2014, and Sir Julius Vogel Award, Best New Talent category for 2013-2016. I’m eligible for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards generally as I am a New Zealand citizen.

Art/Cover artist

Will Staehle – for the Empire State and Seven Wonders covers.

And…that’s it!

Now to figure out what I read and enjoyed in 2012…