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New podcast interviews with SF Signal and The Roundtable Podcast

So, that was a fun week. Went to London Friday before last to see William Shatner at Star Trek London, which was fun (and I got my photo with him!), then came down with what I thought was food poisoning on the Saturday night. After an extra day at the hotel, we managed to drive back home, and after starting to feel better I started to feel worse. Much worse. In fact, bad enough to go to hospital, where I experienced all the wonders of IV morphine and saline drips.

So yeah, fun.

I’m back home now and recovering, and I’ve got the edits back on The Age Atomic from my agent. I’m not entirely sure my brainpower is quite up to tackling them just yet, but the 150,000 word monster manuscript is now down to 90,000 (although this will creep back up with new material), and while there is a tonne of work required, it’s a much stronger, more streamlined novel.

This is why we have editors (and agents who edit). I can’t emphasise the importance of this enough. Everything needs to be edited, and edited, and edited, and edited!

Anyway. I shall poke around the manuscript for a couple of days until I can actually start doing some work on it.

While I was enjoying the (actually quite impressive) care of the NHS, a couple of podcast interviews with me popped up. Back in August I was interviewed at WorldCon by the Hugo award-winning podcast SF Signal (one of my favourites), and you can listen to that here. I haven’t heard it back yet myself, but as I recall we  talk about pancakes quite a lot. Pancakes (and breakfast in general) was a major theme of my trip to Chicago!

Also online is a 20-minute interview with The Roundtable Podcast. These guys are fantastic and I had shut a great time recording with them – along with this interview, a longer podcast will go online in a couple of week, in which I discuss a story being written by another author, and the four of us bat ideas around to try and help get things moving. It was the most fun ever, and I’m looking forward to that going up.

And now tea and a lie down…

Quick update: Appearance at the Blog North Awards tonight!

Busy editing and planning and making huuuuuge lists of stuff. And writing comics. So it goes.

Just a quick reminder today: I am guest of honour/headliner at the Blog North Awards tonight, which kick off at 7.30pm at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. I’ll be reading from Seven Wonders, followed by an on-stage interview and audience Q&A. Tickets are £6 and there are door sales if you haven’t booked. Full details are here.

I’m looking forward to it, and if you can come along, do make sure you say hello!

Announcement: THE SENTINEL, coming soon from VS Comics!

Phew! I can talk about something new!

Today I’m pleased to announce I am writing my first comic!

The Sentinel is an ongoing Prohibition crime/urban fantasy series debuting this December as part of VS Comics, a new monthly digital anthology created by Mike Garley and James Moran. The Sentinel has art by Joe Ward, colours and inks by Mike Bunt, letters by Mike Stock, and is edited by Ned Hartley.

Click on the banner to see the full-size art, which is pretty amazing. Here’s the official blurb:

New York, 1929. A city torn apart by Prohibition, corruption, crime. Rookie cop Harvey West is determined to make his mark, but his career is cut short when he is tragically killed, leaving his new wife alone in the city.

In the subway tunnels beneath Manhattan, something stirs; a dark power from an ancient, extinct civilization rekindled by a cult of insane magicians determined to plunge the world into a new Dark Age.

As the power awakens, a mysterious newcomer appears in the city: a man seeking vengeance, a man searching for answers about himself and his past. A man searching for the secret of The Sentinel.

The Sentinel will run as monthly six-page episodes, starting December 2012. VS Comics has a page on Facebook – head over, give it a like, and you’ll be able to see more updates and previews of my story and many others.

So… OMG! You might know that I quite like comics, so maybe it’s no surprise that I’d write one eventually. And I must say, writing The Sentinel has been the most fun ever. Thanks to Mike and James for giving me a break!

And that’s not all! VS Comics is being launched at the Thought Bubble comic con in Leeds, on Sunday, 18th November, 2.10pm in the Alea Cinema Room. The programme for VS Comics, including our panel and information on tickets, etc, is available here.

I hope to see you there!


In which I (kinda) make an in-store appearance at the World’s Biggest Bookstore, Toronto

Toronto is easily one of my favourite cities in the world, and is home to The World’s Biggest Bookstore, which I remember spending many hours trawling through when I was last there in 2003. Which is far, far too long ago… I need to get back to Canada…

But, for a limited time, you can come and see me in store… because for October, I’m the Featured Author – Science Fiction!


This means I get a shelf endcap display, which not only shows off my novels, but features an interview I did with bookseller Jessica Strider. For the moment you’ll need to go in-store to read the interview, but Jessica will put it up on her blog this Friday.

All of which is pretty gosh-darned cool. Toronto, I am in you!

In other news, two more ace Seven Wonders reviews have hit:

Over at Functional Nerds, Paul Weimer says Seven Wonders is

…explicitly and unapologetically a paean to superhero comics… [and] pressed all of the right buttons for me.

While Paperless Reading said:

The book was such a joy to read and the scenes were so vivid that I swear it was like reading the comic book version. I’m sure any superhero fan would appreciate and love this story too. This is a brilliant story that would make a great standalone novel but I wouldn’t be surprised if we visit this setting again at a later date.

Thanks, dudes! And back to the editing…




Writerly update, Morley Lit Festival, and more SEVEN WONDERS reviews

And I’m back from FantasyCon, which was three super-duper days hanging out with my favourite people talking about books. I apologise for the brevity of my convention report, but when you’re on a deadline like I am, such things tend to fall by the wayside. But it was good times, trust me.

I’m still on deadline for The Age Atomic, which means I’m back in the word bunker for this month. And then after that is handed in I need to work on Shadow’s Call for Tor… which means, I suspect, another lockdown. But it’s all worth it, in the end. It’s just a rather busy last quarter of the year.

A reminder for this coming Saturday, where I’ll be appearing on the Science Fiction and Superheroes panel as part of the Morley Literature Festival, alongside Samit Basu, David Hine, and Justina Robson. Steve Morris (perhaps better known as the drummer from Joy Division and New Order) is looking forward to seeing us, which I think deserves a What In The Actual Heck (Joy Division being a favourite band of mine), and event curator Mark Johnson gives us the big ups in the Give Me Comics Or Give Me Death podcast, which you can listen to here.

The panel is this Saturday at 2pm at the Morley town hall. Tickets are £4, and full details can be found here, and after the panel there will be a book signing. I hope to see you there!

Seven Wonders reviews continue to come in-

At The Founding Fields, Shadowhawk gives the book 9.5 out of 10 and says:

Adam Christopher has struck gold, again. If any SF novel this year deserves a sequel, it’s Seven Wonders!

The Fiction Stroker gives Seven Wonders four strokes out of five and says:

A love letter to comics… Seven Wonders is another thrilling roller-coaster ride from an author who is quickly becoming a master of multi-genre adventure.

Philip Norris says:

Seven Wonders ticks all the right boxes, it is a thrilling rollercoaster ride where the reader feels the wind in their hair, and their cape flapping behind them.

At I Will Read Books, Erik Lundqvist says:

…[T]he atmosphere, and the world building, is spot on… Adam Christopher has once again brought something new to a old genre.

And a little bonus, The Fiction Stroker also reviewed my debut novel, Empire State, giving it four strokes out of five and saying it is:

…An immersing, entertaining and atmospheric journey into another world.

Back to the editing, and see you on Saturday in Leeds!