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Writerly update, June 2012

Phew! Shaking off this post-travel cold has taken longer than I had hoped, so things have been piling up a little here. Time for an update!

A couple of weeks ago, The Guardian included me in a feature entitled “New pulp fictioneers are ready to rock’n’roll”, and they said:

If the history of the 21st-century pulp fiction revival is ever written, Empire State might well be seen as its starting point.

…which is pretty cool! Fellow Angry Roboteer Chuck Wendig also gets a mention. I’ve been mulling a few thoughts about pulp fiction and being called a pulp fiction writer, which I might put online in a day or two.

Speaking of Empire State, a new review appeared today over at The Eloquent Page, who said:

Christopher’s debut expertly blends together the old school detective conventions with some classic golden age science fiction to create something new and utterly readable.

While we’re about it, I was organising a big competition to give away (among other things), a copy of the 10-CD Empire State audiobook, narrated by Phil Gigante, but it seems despite similar competitions being run by US authors, my idea broke UK gambling law. So… I’ll think of something else. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Benito Corral has taken a look at the short fiction released via the Empire State Worldbuilder project, and says:

This group of stories set in Empire State are all very different, yet very engaging takes on the world Adam Christopher has created.  Each author did their homework and stayed true to the tone and style of the original work and are worthy additions to Christopher’s alternate New York.

Over at, we’re running a series of challenges to write material based around specific characters – currently Byron, The Science Pirate, and the Pastor of Lost Souls. Each challenge presents a task and offers an Angry Robot care package as a prize, so head over there and take a gander. Just watch for spoilers!

My next book, Seven Wonders, is out in just a couple of months or so, and you can find the full list of blurbs here, along with some handy pre-order links. Over at Angry Robot’s sister imprint, Strange Chemistry, debut author Kim Curran was kind enough to list Seven Wonders in her All About the Books meme blog post, and she said it was:

…Turbo-charged fun. Rampaging superheroes – what’s not to love?

Thanks, Kim!

Strange as it may seem, the idea of having another book out is a little weird, given the intense focus I’ve had on Empire State for the last six months. And now the electronic advance reader copies (eARCs) of Seven Wonders have been made available, with print ARCs coming very soon. Which means reviews will start appearing, and the whole thing begins again.

Fun times!