1st May, 2011: The wonderful world of editing

Hmm. Been slack, and no blog updates in two days. The post-EasterCon week has really thrown my routine out!

The last couple of days I’ve been focussing on getting Ludmila, My Love re-edited, polished, and out to the door – in fact, this should happen today. The final phase of editing is always the longest and the most headache-inducing, for me anyway, as it’s the time when you need to read the whole book again. Top to bottom, beginning to end, to make sure everything is okay and that the edits you’ve made all fit in properly.

I’m trying to go totally paperless now, but I made the mistake of using iBooks on my iPad to read the manuscript and make notes. As I should have remembered from Empire State, the more notes and highlights you make in iBooks, the slower iBooks becomes. By the halfway point, page turns were taking several seconds, which is ridiculous.

Fortunately Anne Lyle mentioned another app on Twitter just the other day – iAnnotate PDF, a PDF reader and mark-up app that allows you to do almost anything to a PDF, from highlighting and comments through to notes and even freestyle handwriting over the document. More importantly, it’s superfast at everything.

Best £5.99 I’ve ever spent, as it turns the iPad into a powerful editing tool. This means I am now, truly, paper-free.

And once Ludmila is out of the way today, I’ll be able to switch back to Seven Wonders.