19th February, 2011: Time to switch

Time to change things around. I’m writing a novel about superheroes and serial killers called Hang Wire. I’m over one-third the way in, and I quite like it. As with anything, it’ll need work at the second draft, but that’s what the second draft is for.

Meanwhile I’ve got a talented bunch of beta-readers with the entire month of March booked to look at Ludmila, My Love. I’ve got ten days to go, and the manuscript for this isn’t ready.

Hang Wire has no deadline, and once completed, will be left in a virtual drawer for a while until I forget most of it. Ludmila, My Love has a deadline and a group of people who have put time aside to kick the crap out of it.

Editing is a bit like revising for an exam – you’ve done all the work, and now you need to go back and revise, revise, revise. As the exam date nears, the revision becomes the top priority if you want to ace the test. So it goes for Ludmila, My Love. So far, it seems like quite a cool book. I want Ludmila to be crazy-ass good, and crazy-ass good requires work.

So from today editing comes first and writing comes second. While that means I won’t hit 2,000 new words a day, none of that is of much use anyway if I don’t take the time to go back and fix everything. Ludmila, My Love needs to be fixed, and when I send it to my beta-readers I want them to ooh and ahh and then tell me what else needs fixing.

So, for yesterday:

Project: Hang Wire (superheroes and serial killers in San Francisco)
Words today: 2,067
Words total: 39,058/100,000 (37%) 39058
Total words for 2011: 58,043

About ten pages of Ludmila, My Love redrafted. Looking good and full steam ahead for this week.