18th April, 2011: Eastercon

I’m deep in synopsis territory today, so just a wee update.

EasterCon starts this Friday, and it looks like the programme has now been finalised. My one panel is:

Sunday 10.30am, “Earls” room – Comics for Beginners.

According to the blurb I have, rather than just talk about comics we think are good, the panelists will be examining the important graphic novels of several sub-genres; e.g. if you like crime novels you might want to try these graphic novels.

It sounds like fun, so if you’re interested in comics, come along. I’m not sure who my fellow panelists are but I think one of them may be the one and only Paul Cornell. Cripes!

One important change for this year’s convention is that all panels are scheduled for 90 minutes instead of 60. In the past, the 60 minute slot was actually 50 minutes followed by 10 minutes to either hang around and ask more questions, or head off to your next event. This year the 90 minute slots are designed to allow a panel to run for the full 60, and to allow, if needed, for any overruns. Personally I’m not sure it’s going to work that smoothly, but we’ll see. The extended running time also means there are a third fewer panels than previous years, which is a big shame – this resulted in the cancellation of the Social Networks panel, which would have featured me and Lee Harris talking about, among other things, how I got a book deal via Twitter, and also how to successfully leverage social media as a writer. Useful for everyone, I thought.

Ah well, at least you can still go to the Is Facebook Evil? panel.

What? I’m sayin’ nothing.

Other than that, I’ll no doubt be loitering around the Angry Robot signing on Saturday afternoon, as well as the AR signing at Waterstones in Birmingham High Street beforehand. Should be a great weekend!

  • Ooh, do we get to loiter? I’m good at that 🙂

  • Well, we haven’t got anything to actually sign, I know, but this looks to be the largest gathering of Angry Robot authors so far achieved. Including, don’t forget, at least three internationals!

    So hey, if there’s a chance I can shoulder in to some group photos, I’m there!