16th April, 2011: Sci Fi Now magazine

Here’s something nice to start the weekend. If you turn to page 80 in the new Sci Fi Now magazine (the one with Terra Nova on the cover), you’ll see this:

So… my first mainstream press clipping! Wow. The little piece isn’t quite accurate – I’m a science fiction writer, not a fantasy one (although Angry Robot have described Seven Wonders as a superhero fantasy, mainly because superhero “novel” sounds a bit lame), and both books are standalone – Seven Wonders is not a sequel to Empire State and the two bear no relation to each other.

But hey, I’m being picky. I’m in freakin’ Sci Fi Now magazine. That rocks a lot.

Another ping yesterday too, this time from Concatenation, and periodical online review zine, which has my book deal listed under PEOPLE: MAJOR SF & SCIENCE AUTHOR AND ARTIST NEWS:

Adam Christopher has probably become the first SF author to have been discovered by their publisher on Twitter. Angry Robot has pounced upon the debut novel of British-based New Zealander in a deal for World rights to two novels across all formats by Angry Robot editor Lee Harris. Empire State is a story of superheroes, and a city divided in two. Detective Rad Bradbury picks up the trail of a murderer, only to discover that the world he has always known is a pocket universe, recently brought into existence by an explosion of phenomenal power. With a superhero on his tail he crosses into a city that bears a remarkable resemblance to his own ā€“ a city called New York. There he uncovers a deadly threat to the Empire State, and finds that the future of both realities is at stake. Empire State will be published in January 2012, with a second, superhero-themed fantasy, Seven Wonders, to follow before the end of that year.

Wee! Back to the editing now. Have a great Saturday everyone!

  • Anne Lyle

    Kudos on the SciFi Now article – and welcome to the wonderful world of Journalists Getting Things Wrong šŸ™‚

  • Darin

    Looking forward to both these books!

  • EMPIRE STATE sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. Congrats on the article!

  • Ah yes, I immediately thought of your blog post from just the other day. Seems I spoke too soon :p