11-13th March, 2011: Crisis on Earth One

So says the poster on my office wall, anyway (the cover of Justice League of America #21 from April 1963). Nothing quite so dramatic here, except for the fact that I haven’t blogged in two days, nor have I done anything writing-related (ie, writing, editing or planning). Remember when I said that if I don’t make a 2k day I get crotchety?

I think it’s because of the heavy week I just had – I didn’t consciously decide not to do anything, I just kinda… didn’t do anything. But, y’know, sometimes you need to recharge the batteries and reset the routine.

Today looks like another wet and grey Sunday, so the plan is to work some writing/editing schedules out. I’ve had a couple of things come up which need to take precedence soon, so need to work those into the gameplan today:

  • Need to finish editing the sample chapters of The Suicide Tree, send them out to my beta-readers, then revise as needed and submit to the publisher. I’m going to aim for Friday March 18th for that.
  • Hang Wire needs to be wrapped up – I’ve got 65k to go (ie, most of the book), and I had planned to get it finished by the end of March. This isn’t going to happen, clearly, but in theory 65k should be about 30 days. So at a quick glance on my wall planner, if I can get the first draft done before EasterCon (April 22nd), I’ll be happy.
  • Read faster. I read three books in January, one in February, and it’s now the middle of March and I’m still on book five.

That’s what I currently have on my plate, in addition to those couple of other things. Part of my planning today is to work out how those couple of other things fit. I need to think about these for a bit, so once I’ve got them programmed in, I’ll let you know.

Reading may seem less important, but actually it’s a vital part of the writing process. You have to read in order to write. I’ve noticed in the past that when my reading slows, my writing does too, and it’s never the other way around. The first month and a half of this year were very productive, and I was also whizzing through books. Then I got stuck in Firestarter, and everything else slowed down too. Firestarter has actually picked up now I’m past the first 150 pages, but I haven’t touched it much. So, finish Firestarter by the end of March. I have a house full of books to read!

So what am I waiting for? Time to jump to it!