10th March, 2011: That neverending week? Still here.

It may seem rather dull to be blogging about nothing during what has become my busiest work week in forever, but… okay, look, I’m blogging daily. Deal. Here’s a video of a dog doing the salsa.

Happy? Actually… yeah, let’s watch that again.


So, editing? I have managed to squeeze some in and have hit page 11 out of 36. So far, so good. I’m hoping now to have it done by/over the weekend, as I really, really need to get this sent off early next week. It’s pretty grim and odd, but I think I’ve hit the right kind of tone (ie, pretty grim and odd).

In other news… there’s a poster for Game of Thrones, the forthcoming HBO adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series. I’ve never read the books (although I have them), but I am looking forward to this series. HBO have a reputation for producing exceptionally high quality TV shows, even if I find them a little… relentless, shall we say, after a few episodes. But here the source material is solid enough (so I am told), even though I’m not quite convinced about casting Sean Bean as Boromir Ned (the guy’s name is Ned?).

The good news is that here in the UK we get the episodes just one day after they are screened in the US (19th and 18th April, respectively). Finally, somebody gets it!